By The Numbers

Sustainable, High-Performance Buildings (all-time portfolio totals)


LEED® projects certified or under construction (33 M SF)


ENERGY STAR certified buildings (22 M SF)


Invested in high-performance green development

Our Commitment

Liberty is committed to the sustainable design, development and operation of our real estate portfolio.  As a leader in our industry, we strive to create work environments that limit resource consumption, improve building performance, and promote human health and productivity.  We recognize that every business decision has a potential impact on our environment and we are committed to understanding and reducing these effects.  We believe that high performance buildings and environmentally responsible business operations are not only good for the planet, they create value for our tenants, shareholders and employees.

Liberty’s most recent Environmental, Social and Governance Report
highlights a legacy of care.

Liberty & LEED

As one of the nation's leaders in sustainable, high-performance development, we have a longstanding commitment to LEED buildings. Most recently, we developed the industry’s first procedure-based LEED Volume Program, which ensures that every Liberty industrial development achieves LEED certification. With the program in place, we are able to build and certify LEED industrial buildings for considerably less than ever before.

Liberty & Energy Star

In addition to developing LEED buildings, we are focused on optimizing the performance of our existing portfolio. In 2008, we began benchmarking 100% of our managed portfolio in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager. Since that time, we have worked to improve the energy efficiency of our portfolio year over year and saved millions of dollars in energy costs for our tenants.

Sustainability for Existing Tenants

Liberty Energy Efficiency Partnership (LEEP)

One of our priorities is to proactively address our tenants' cost of occupancy. Therefore, as a dedicated ENERGY STAR partner, we have created an initiative called the LEEP (Liberty Energy Efficiency Partnership) Program.

Through the LEEP Program, we partner with our tenants who pay their own utility bills, benchmark their utility consumption in ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager and provide them with useful information to help save energy, reduce waste and improve their bottom line.

Awards & Recognition

We’re proud of being contiguously recognized for our long-standing commitment to sustainable design and positive impact on our tenants, the environment and our communities.

  • Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) 2014 – Green Star
  • The Institute for Market Transformation (IMT) Green lease leader, 2014-2016.
  • ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award 2014 and 2015 for Sustained Excellence in energy management.
  • ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award 2012-2013 for continued exceptional energy management
  • BOMA 7-Point Challenge "Most Innovative" Specialty Award for our Liberty Energy Efficiency Partnership (LEEP), as well as successful completion of the challenge
  • NAREIT Leader in the Light Gold Award 2011 for our commitment to sustainability and superior energy use management.
  • National Association of industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP) 2008 Developer of the Year for exceptional development and commitment to sustainability.
  • CoreNet Global's 2008 Sustainability Leadership Award for Design & Development exemplary sustainable design and development.
  • NAIOP's 2007 Green Development Award for the Johnson Diversey warehouse as the largest green distribution center in the country.
  • U.S. Green Building Council's 2006 Corporate Leadership Award in recognition of exceptional leadership and commitment to the evolution of green building design and construction.

Visit Liberty Green Guide

We strive to create extraordinary work environments that limit resource consumption, improve building performance, and promote health and productivity. Please use our guide as a resource to learn how to create healthier and more productive work environments. Learn effective energy efficiency strategies, reduce waste, become more water-wise and discover how to make smarter product choices.