Sustainable Building Operations

Liberty's commitment to responsible real estate extends beyond development to how we operate and maintain our buildings. As part of our disciplined approach to property management, Liberty systemically examines the performance of our buildings. We look for opportunities to improve operating efficiencies and mitigate the environmental impact associated with greenhouse gas emissions. All capital improvements are analyzed with these objectives in mind. We believe these efforts boost our tenants' bottom-line through long-term cost savings and enhanced employee productivity and retention.

As part of our corporate sustainability commitment, Liberty has pledged to meet the Building Owners and Management Association's (BOMA) "7-Point Challenge" to reduce the use of natural resources, non-renewable energy sources and waste production.

A few of the initiatives Liberty has underway are:

  • Improved Energy Performance:
    • Committed to decrease energy consumption across the portfolio by an average of 23% by 2012.
    • Benchmarking buildings using the Environmental Protection Agency's Energy Star Program to track and measure energy usage
    • Conducted independent energy audits on more than three quarters of office portfolio (as of June 2009) to identify opportunities to improve efficiencies.
    • Implementing a BWAN (Building-Wide Area Network) Energy Monitoring system in all office buildings where we control electric usage.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality:
    • Use only low/no VOC paint and finishes across the portfolio to minimize harmful emissions.
    • Use only green cleaning products in buildings where Liberty provides cleaning service to reduce toxic fumes and VOCs (volatile organic compounds).
  • Comprehensive Recycling Program:
    • Liberty's recycling program includes paper, cardboard, glass, cans/metal, bottles and lightbulbs.
    • In 2008, Liberty reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 36,665 metric tons of CO2 which is equal to the carbon emission from the consumption of 4,161,748 gallons of gasoline.
    • On Earth Day 2008, Liberty collected and recycled 79,504 pounds - over 39 tons - of e-waste) electronics including computers, phones, etc.) from tenants across the country.
    • On Earth Day 2009, Liberty collected 2023 cell phones for Cell Phones for Soldiers which recycles the phones. Proceeds go to purchase phone cards for U.S. troops stationed overseas so they can call home.
Our effort to optimize building operations has the added benefit of reducing our tenants' operating expenses. Liberty recognizes that real estate occupancy costs are a primary concern to all businesses. As we eliminate waste and maximize operating efficiencies, costs decline. In this way, our sustainability commitment creates high-performance buildings that are ultimately less expensive to run and occupy.

Today more than ever, we are committed to delivering operational efficiency and superior tenant care. The success of these efforts depends on the active participation of our tenants. We partner with our tenants to identify potential savings opportunities and design customized strategies that work for each tenant's unique workplace. As a landlord, we remain vigilant in exploring every opportunity to reduce operating expenses and save our tenants money. . . .all while doing our part to reduce the environmental impact of our buildings.

Bill Hankowsky President & CEO Liberty Property Trust
-Bill Hankowsky
President & CEO
Liberty Property Trust
July 2008