Property Management

Our Customers

Partnered Custom Solutions

For more than 40 years, we’ve worked in partnership with our clients to create and care for extraordinary work environments.  We understand and recognize that our clients have specific requirements and expectations. Through collaboration with our clients, we establish a custom level of service and solutions to meet their needs.  We believe that having a local presence wherever we own property will ensure that our customers receive the most personalized and timely attention possible.

We never anticipated having a landlord of such integrity as Liberty and a property manager of such character. We have found Liberty to be a company built upon trust and common values. Of course, these traits are gleaned from our relationships with Liberty Personnel with whom we personally interact. They have been professional, caring and deeply committed to ensuring our tenants’ needs are met.

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Experienced & Focused Operational Support

Liberty provides experienced efficient operations designed to improve the performance of properties, such as energy savings, through use of industry-leading building practices while focusing on lowering operating expenses.

Understanding buildings from the ground-up gives us the insight to proactively provide effective maintenance solutions that extend the life and operation of the building systems.

Expense Management

Managing the Financial Side of Value Creation

We stand by our ongoing commitment to engage, develop and sustain results in the creation of superior work environments where comfort, efficiency and productivity coexist. This persists in management of funds to ensure projects stay on-time and on budget.

By serving over 1,200 tenants in more than 100 million square feet, we believe our procurement program delivers the highest quality work and best pricing to our customers.  We couple this with our large labor pool of vetted, trusted and qualified vendors to provide optimal support and service. Additionally, we perform an aggressive tax appeal process that has yielded savings of $21.9M over the last 9 years for our clients.

Sustainable Practices

At Liberty, we take a number of key initiatives to reduce our environmental footprint and drive sustainability, including using sustainable practices to minimize environmental impacts and lower operating costs.