Baltimore - Washington, DC

The Baltimore - Washington, DC region is the 4th largest CSA in the United States with 9.5 million residents and ranks as the 3rd highest consumer base in the country.  To help our customers navigate this densely populated and dynamic marketplace, we are focused on owning and developing last mile facilities that offer a competitive advantage in terms of access to transportation infrastructure and proximity to consumer wealth.

5.03M Square Feet
29 Buildings
40 Years in the Market

Market Leadership

Ben O'Neil

Vice President, Market Officer 202.263.1461

Todd Summerfield

Vice President, Leasing & Development 410.715.7220

Lynn Berger

Director, Property Management 410.715.7206

Regional Leadership

Jim Mazzarelli

Senior Vice President, Regional Director 610.648.1757

Jim Sunday

Vice President, Development 610.722.4114

Kerry Hewson

Vice President, Real Estate Operations 610.648.1718

Phil Castellano

Vice President, Real Estate Operations 215.255.7624