Comcast Center: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Comcast Center Environmental Facts
Liberty Property Trust and Comcast have worked to create an appropriate testament to their commitment to the environment.

Comcast Center earned LEED Gold certification and is the tallest LEED Gold certified building in the country.

LEED certification is a voluntary, consensus-based national standard for developing high-performance, sustainable ("green") buildings that feature open space, conservation of water and energy and a reduction in waste. It is recognized nationwide as evidence that a building is environmentally responsible and a healthy place to live and work.


  • The Comcast Center outdoor public plaza’s fountain design combines shading and vegetation to create a cool urban space during hot summer months.
  • The winter garden saves cooling energy by exhausting extra hot air and actively cooling only where people travel, instead of providing air conditioning to the entire nine story atrium. During summer months, the winter garden uses fans in its roof to exhaust hot air and has floor vents that deliver cool air to condition just the occupied floor areas. An underfloor water loop is used to cool the winter garden and 6th floor atrium floor during the summer and warm it during the winter. The tempered surface of the floor creates more comfortable spaces while reducing heating and cooling energy use.
  • Comcast Center helps to keep urban Philadelphia cool. All parking is placed underground, eliminating exposed heat-absorbing asphalt, and the exposed plaza surface is shaded by trellises and trees. These measures reduce the urban heat-island effect.
  • The entire building is clad with a high performance glass curtain wall. The highly insulated, double-glazed windows block 60% of the sun’s heat while allowing 70% of the sun’s visible light to be transmitted to office spaces. This provides ample daylight while reducing energy used for both lighting and air conditioning.
  • Comcast Center’s water-saving fixtures will save three million gallons of drinking water every year, using 41% less water than a typical office building.
  • Comcast Center uses water-saving fixtures and waterless urinals in all restrooms
    -saves 1.2 million gallons of urinal-water use every year class="ulNoTopMargin" -saves 48 million glasses of potable drinking water every year
  • The water-saving fixtures will keep 4,950 gallons of sewage from entering Philadelphia’s sewage system every day, releasing 25% less than a typical office building.
  • The winter garden’s roof will collect an estimated 60,000 gallons of rainwater annually, which will be used for irrigation instead of using potable water. In addition, the tower’s 4,500 square feet of green roof helps absorb heavy rains. Both measures greatly reduce stormwater runoff into Philadelphia’s sewer system.
  • Comcast Center salvages underground tanks, formerly containing boiler oil, to store captured storm water. The storm water will replace fresh water for uses where potable water in not needed, such as irrigation. Thus, a former potential source of water contamination instead contributes to water savings, and the tanks themselves are saved from the landfill.
  • Comcast Center diverted 77% of the waste from construction to salvaging and recycling processes. This amounted to 20,000 tons of waste kept out of landfills.
  • Comcast Center is constructed with materials with high recycled content and also uses materials that are sourced and manufactured locally. This increases the market for recycled products, helps Philadelphia’s local economy and reduces fuel consumption for transporting materials.
  • 80% of Comcast Center’s wood products are from forests with certification from the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC). This supports the sustainable harvesting of forests so they will be available for future generations.
  • Comcast Center management is implementing a comprehensive, year-round recycling program for occupants.
  • Management will provide "green" janitorial services throughout the building to ensure that occupants have the highest quality indoor air. The service will adhere to the nationally recognized Green Seal Standard for low-contaminant and low-toxin cleaning products and practices.

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