Comcast Center: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Comcast Center has transformed not only the Philadelphia skyline, but the streetscape of an entire city block and the city’s entrance for thousands of commuters.

The Plaza
Approaching Comcast Center at street level, visitors are welcomed by a half-acre landscaped public plaza featuring artistic fountains by Wet Design. Native landscaping by the Olin Partnership creates a cool urban space during hot summer months. The warm-weather experience is further enhanced by a seasonal outdoor café that has already become a popular gathering spot.

The Concourse Entrance
Wholly connected to Philadelphia’s Suburban Station rail station, Comcast Center provides Philadelphia commuters a dramatic new entrance to the city that reflects the dynamic urban environment they are entering.

The Market at Comcast Center
The Market at Comcast Center features some of the best-known icons of Philadelphia and beyond. These include the delicious tastes of Bucks County Coffee, DiBruno Bros., Jake & Max’s Delicatessen, LaScala’s Italian American Home-Style To Go, Mexican Post, Frank’s Old Philly-Style Sandwiches, Sook Hee’s Produce, Susanna Foo’s Dumpling Kitchen, Termini Bros, Tokyo Sushi & Catering and Under the "C" (seafood.) The retail portion of the concourse includes higher-end services and businesses including L’UOMO (custom Italian clothier), Details, High Speed Cleaners, Gateway Newstands, and Govberg Jewelers.

The Winter Garden
Passing through energy-saving revolving doors or ascending the sweeping staircase, visitors enter into a spectacular Winter Garden lobby featuring three stories of glass on three sides. There, the visitor encounters a father and son gazing up at the glass canopy; a closer inspection shows them to be elements of the sculpture Humanity in Motion by world-renowned artist and sculptor Jonathan Borofsky. They are looking at nearly a dozen sculptures of people walking their own paths - across beams suspended three stories high.

The Comcast Experience
The centerpiece of Comcast Center’s lobby, the largest four-millimeter LED screen in the world, displaying a dazzling array of original artistic content, simply must be viewed to be understood.

83.3 feet wide by 25.4 feet high, the 2,100 square foot video wall brings this spectacular programming to visitors 18 hours a day. Designed by BARCO, the wall displays thousands of unique hours of programming, created solely for this use by David Niles of The Niles Creative Group.

A technique called "Eagle Eye Panorama," developed by David Niles, creates Super HD images and captures everything from spectacular nature footage to urban landscapes - a seamless, wide-screen vista. This realistic imagery - delivered in 10 million pixels of clarity - five times the resolution of hi-definition TV - is supplemented with computer-generated images of amazingly realistic quality, producing a vivid virtual world.

The system that delivers the content to the screen has the ability to make a pre-designed selection from a bank of hundreds of images. This system combines elements of content into independent layers, which are formatted based on the overall artistic direction for the screen. The selection from the delivery system is random in nature, in order to create an array of over-changing imagery.