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Property Management

Property Management

Superior tenant care is a key component of Liberty's approach to real estate. We believe in having a local presence wherever we own property to ensure that our customers receive the most personalized and timely attention. By serving over 2,300 tenants in more than 105 million square feet, Liberty's extensive network, reputation and purchasing power gets our customers the best services at the best prices.

As part of our discplined approach to property management, Liberty strives to operate our properties in a manner that maximizes operating efficiencies and minimizes our environmental impact. Sustainable building operations have become a key component of our portfolio management decisions.

Liberty's local management, scope of operations and extensive experience are our customers' guarantee of excellence. And our customers agree, awarding us as the National Commercial Real Estate Customer Service Award for Excellence for 4 consecutive years. We thank our customers for this honor and our people whose dedication to providing outstanding service earned it.

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